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Welcome to Art Class With Ms. Terrell!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I am so excited to begin the new school year with Alexander Batcho Intermediate School!  This school year, we will explore the creative process in Room 105 using a variety of art making tools and materials!  Artists in grades 5-8 will be able to utilize the creative space to learn about the historical and executional fundamentals of visual art, gather information for inspiration for their artistic ideas, learn how to execute their ideas, which results in an original artwork in a two dimmensional or three dimmensional form.  

Art is not a thing, but a way of seeing the world.  The goal of this course is to teach students to think like artists; using a 360 degree mindset.  Having a 360 degree mindset means looking at a problem at ALL angles and coming up with MANY ways to discover a solution...a lesson that transcends and correlates with ALL subjects.