Degrees and Certifications:

English K-12 Teacher of Students with Disabilities K-12

Ms. Kelly Peppe


Thank you for taking a moment to visit my webpage. 

Educational Background:
I attended New Jersey City University and earned degrees in K-12 Students with Disabilities and K-12 English.

I started teaching during the 2010-2011 school year.  I have been in both roles as the Special Education and the General Education teacher; teaching Resource, Inclusion, College Prep, and Honors. The majority of my experience has been with 9th and 10th grade English. I absolutely love what I have the privilege of doing.  I use a combination of humor, patience, content knowledge, and respect in my classroom.  Students learn to not only trust each other but themselves and how to take control of their education.  Grammar is built into every lesson by consistently aiming to use the correct form of English in both reading and writing exercises. Students build a confidence that channels through in their writing as well as their reading comprehension.  My main goal is to educate students how to think, not what to think. 

Classes for the 2020-2021 school year:
English 9 RR, English 9 ICS, English 12 RR, English ICS and U.S. History I ICS 

Ms. Peppe’s Zoom Links for 2020-2021

English 9 RR

English 12 RR

English 9 ICS with Mr. Caldwell

English 12 ICS with Mr. McMahon

US History 1 ICS with Mr. McCarrick

Period 1 English 9 RR (Room 37)
Period 2 English 9 ICS w/ Mr. Caldwell (Room 11)
Period 3 Duty (ISS/hallway)
Period 4 English 12 RR (Room 37)

Period 5 English 12 ICS w/ Mr.McMahon (Room 7)
Periods 6&7 Lunch & Prep
Period 8 US History ICS w/ Mr. McCarrick (Room 4)
Period 9 Duty (Front Lobby)