Mr. Young's Schedule 2021-2022



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Young

Welcome to all students and parents to my AP Physics class. I am very optimistic and glad to be a part of your education here at Manville High School.

I would like to use this opportunity to introduce myself so that you can get an idea about me.  I have been teaching AP Physics, Physics, Robotics, Physical Science and Geometry for 19 years in high schools and middle school. I currently hold active state certifications to teach Physics in New Jersey and Virginia, and to teach Middle School Math and Science in Virginia. Prior to teaching, I gained 20 years’ experience in program management, web page and database development for training, and electronic manufacturing engineering from working in the private sector.

I studied Industrial Engineering and got my B.A. from Penn State University in State College PA. I got my teaching certificate after completing a program for career changers at George Mason University in Virginia.  I continued to extend my teaching capabilities to online education by enrolling and completing two graduate level education courses at George Mason University on Designing Lessons for Digital Learners and also completed a course within Loudoun County Public Schools, in Virginia, to teach online classes. I have also completed other graduate courses in Physics for teaching Electrostatics and Waves from James Madison University. I continue to take college courses as they benefit my teaching ability and the students that I teach. I most recently completed the AP Physics Summer Institute and have specific AP information to bring to the classroom this year.

In the AP Physics classroom, we will focus on the Big Ideas including two dimensional and circular motion, forces, momentum, work and energy, and waves. We will perform as many “hands-on” activities and labs as we can to include technology. The primary objective of my teaching is to make the content learnable and to give your students a resource that helps them at the next level of their education. My classroom is organized and structured to provide a framework that students can work within to build a routine. Organization is the key to success in the classroom, and if you look at my daily note sheets provided to the students you will see how the lessons are set up. My methods have proven successful for all students that I have taught.

In Robotics I we will study the VEX V5 Robots Tello Drone systems. We will learn to build and program the VEX V5 robots and to program and test fly the Tello Drones. Building the robots is usually a "hands-on" system, but we are adapting to Virtual Build platforms to accomplish the same goal.  Programming can also be done virtually for the robots and the drones.  The drone program is a new course designed to provide students with a career opportunity upon completing all courses and after graduation from high school.

I am passionate about making Physics and Robotics understandable and as such, giving your student a quality experience in Physics education. I hope the students come home talking about our lessons by sharing what they have learned, and share it with you. I provide examples from the real world and my work experience to help make it relatable. I have two children in doing well in college, and want to give the same opportunity to your students.

The course material can be confusing at times, no matter what your expertise. If your students have concerns or questions about the classroom, I urge you to have them contact me during school office hours on Zoom. I can best be reached via email at Feel free to contact me. I will do my best to respond within a school day.

Looking forward to seeing you in school,

Mr. Young