Teen Arts Festival

  • The 2023 Somerset County Teen Arts Festival has been scheduled for May 18th 2023!!!

    Teen Arts includes the 25 best of the best artists from MHS and 25 from ABIS. The work is selected by the Art Department and is based on skill level and merit.

    Also, CREATIVE WRITERS, INSTRUMENTAL, CHOIR, VIDEO, AND DANCE PERFORMERS are included in this trip. Students from the entire County gather at RVCC to showcase their school. Manville students ages 13-18 are encouraged to submit work and join us on this outing. While at RVCC students perform, showcase their artwork and creative writing skills, but also have the chance to socialize with students from around Somerset County and participate in dance, visual art, and numerous workshops held throughout the day.

    This is a great experience I encourage ALL students to go at least once before they graduate. It is a tremendous learning experience for everyone.


    Please see Jennifer Williams' website for more information and photos...