About the Referendum


    Manville Board of Education would like to thank all of the members of the Manville Community who participated in the 2022 Referendum Special Election. Unofficially, the referendum was overwhelmingly approved by the Manville Community.

    0% Tax Referendum!

    By approving the referendum, the Manville School District will receive 47% funding from New Jersey for this project. 

    The Manville School District will propose to the Manville Community a referendum for $3,950,000 to address critical infrastructure and quality of experience repairs to improve the health, safety, and wellness of our students, faculty, and community.  This means of the total cost of the referendum, the Manville School district will be responsible for approximately $2,093,500 of the total cost, and debt service aid will cover $1,856,500.

    Over the past three years, the Manville School District has budgeted out of its General Operating funds an average of $1,685,000 a year to complete critical capital improvements projects to upgrade its facilities.   The district administration is committed to continuing this and budgeting a minimum of $1,700,000 in the 2022-2023 general operating funds for capital improvements.  We will then use funds from capital reserves ($393,500) and debt service aid ($1,856,500) to pay off the balance of the project.  By doing this, we feel that the Board of Education and the MSD administration are offering the Manville Community the best option to maximize debt service aid while avoiding impacting the local taxpayers’ pockets.  Manville homeowners will have no increase in their property taxes due to the referendum. 

    Projects included in the Referendum:

    • Boiler replacement at Weston School
    • Roof replacement at Weston School
    • Auditorium Conversion to Multipurpose Room at Weston School
    • HVAC installation in Gym and Auditorium at Weston School
    • Kitchen floor replacement at MHS and ABIS

    Financial Information:

    • Total Anticipated cost: $3,950,000
    • Anticipated State Debt Service Aid: $1,856,500 (47%)
    • District Cost (through General Funds and capital reserves): $2,093,500 (53%)

    When: January 25, 2022

    This referendum will have a 0% property tax increase to Manville homeowners.