Welcome to Chemistry!

Picture of Lab Equipment
  • Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. 

  • Supply List

    • Notebook 
    • Binder
    • Pencils
    • Pens (Blue or Black Ink)
    • Calculator with Scientific Functions


    Grading Policy

    Each marking period your grade will be determined as follows:

    Classwork - 10%

    • Classwork includes work completed in class, presentations, proper lab/safety procedures and class participation. Classwork will be graded based on correctness and/or completion. 

    • Note: Not all classroom assignments will be counted as a grade.

    Homework - 10%

    • Homework includes anything that is assigned to be completed at home. Homework will be graded on completion. 

    Assessments - 80% 

    • Tests will be given at the end of each unit.

    • Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced to ensure that everyone is keeping up with the material. 

    • Labs/Other Activities may include pre-lab quizzes and formal lab reports.


    Homework Policy

    Homework will be assigned almost every night. It is graded only on completeness. 


    Classroom Policy

    1. Display common courtesy. 

      • Listen quietly, take notes, ask questions as needed, participate, and wait for the teacher's dismissal from your seat at the end of class.

      • Only one person out of the class at a time. You MUST sign-out and sign back in.

    2. Be ON TIME and PREPARED for class! 

      • Book bags must be placed in a cubby.

      • Have your binder, pen/pencil, calculator, textbook (when needed), and chromebook at your desk.

        • Chromebooks WILL be used on a regular basis in class so please have them! Feel free to bring personal electronic devices as well, to be used at APPROPRIATE times during class.

      • Be in your seats, ready to begin when the bell rings.

    3. Take an active role in your learning. 

      • Keep up with assignments. If you feel lost, ask for help!

      • Avoid absences.

      • Turn in thoroughly completed labs and homework. If your work is not legible you will not receive credit.

    4. No cheating! 

      • Cheating will NOT be tolerated on tests, quizzes, or other assignments.

      • Students ARE encouraged to collaborate, but copying is NOT considered collaboration. 

    1. No electronic devices during tests. 

      • You will be asked to place your electronic devices in “phone jail” during tests.


    Safety Policy

    1. Abide by ALL safety rules set by the teacher.

      •  Lab is extremely fun but can also be extremely dangerous. It is IMPERATIVE that you abide by all safety procedures set forth by the teacher.

      • Failure to do so will result in your removal from the lab and further disciplinary actions.

    2. Clean-up!

      • It is important that you clean your glassware thoroughly and put it back where it belongs. Students will not be dismissed from class until the lab area is clean.

    3. No food or drink in the lab area. 

      • This is to prevent accidental poisoning. 

      • Food and drink are allowed in the desk area, but this is a privilege. IF I find trash after class, or students start carrying their food/drink into the lab area, food and drink will no longer be allowed in class. 

    ****Due to the lab nature of this class, dress code will be important. NO HATS will be permitted at any time.