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U.S. History 1

  • This is a chronological survey of American History from the era of exploration, discovery, and colonization through the westward and industrial expansion following Reconstruction.  Although an understanding of the broad pattern and developments is the major objective to this course, the details that give life and meaning to the “story” are stressed for each unit covered.  Details include such things as:  key people; their accomplishments; key events; cause-and-effect relationships; and the significance of chronology.  The course also includes current events discussions.

U.S. History 1 Honors

  • U.S. History I is a chronological narrative of American History spanning from exploration to the Reconstruction years (1492-1877).  The course provides a picture of the changing ways of life in the developing colonies; reveals the growing conflict with Great Britain, the drafting of the Constitution, the founding of the new nation and the events that challenged its continued expansion and strength.  This course will encourage problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, and formulation of opinions.  Students will examine the “why” of history as well as the “what.”

Human Behavior

  • This course will introduce students to the study of behavior and mental processes (thinking/feeling). The course is an exploration of the major fields of psychology including: history of psychology, social psychology, research methods, biology of behavior, nature vs. nurture, gender, human development, personality, learning, cognition, emotion, stress and health and abnormal psychology. Class time is divided between lecture, films, discussions, experiments, and demonstrations.