Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Dressel

Welcome to my class! 

In English, we're going to practice skills in reading, writing, analysis, argument, and many more in-depth elements. We don't read specific books "just because," but, rather, to increase our analysis and comprehension skills across our lives. English can be found in books, poetry, and plays, yes, but it is also in movies, songs, TV shows, podcasts, speeches, history, science, casual conversations, and even our own thoughts! I hope to entench us in a study of all of these mediums throughout our experience together!

If you want to know a little more about my personal life, I love videogames, anime/TV shows, working out, reading, writing poetry, and making music. My love of music was actually what inspired me to become an English teacher, because my love of writing songs as actually an English skill! I grew up in the GameCube era of gaming, so my favorite game is Super Mario Sunshine; as of right now (August 24, 2023) my favorite show is One Piece; I love watching the H3 Podcast while I work out; my favorite book is Klara and the Sun; I don't know if I have a favorite poet, but I've been meaning to read more modern poetry; and I love Indie, Pop, Rock, Rap, and any fusion of any of those genres, especially The 1975, Alvvays, Dayglow, Joji, and smaller, indie artists. I'm also a type-1 diabetic, which I will make fun of a lot.

I hope to make my class fun, yet hardworking. Hard work, yet fair. I strive to be someone who both communicates and listens, and is open to change, when necessary.