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Registration Process

  • Step 1 - Read "Letter of Disclosure".

    Step 2 - Complete Online Registration for each child.  This process will include creating an appointment to prove residency.

    Step 3 - Review items, listed below, needed at the time of appointment.  (Note:  Items regarding "Student Information" should be printed and completed prior to designated appointment.)

Registration Appointment

  • Documents needed at your time of appointment

    Failure to present the following documentation may result in a delay in enrollment, attendance or proper placement of the student.

    1)  Parent/Guardian ID

    2)  Proof of Residency documentation is required. Please bring in two of the following documents:

    • Proof of Manville Property Ownership, Tenancy or Residency by providing:
      • Property tax bills, deeds, contracts of sale, leases (must include ALL tenants), mortgages, notarized letter from landlords (must include ALL tenants), and other evidence of property ownership, tenancy or residency; 
        • If the lease is unclear or on a month-to-month basis we request a notarized Sworn Statement of Landlord
        • Yearly Leases: You will be asked to provide a new lease OR lease renewal AND current bill when the lease provided expires
    • Two Proofs of Personal Attachement to Manville Property Location:
      • Voter registrations, licenses, permits, financial account information, delivery receipts, and other evidence of personal attachment to a particular location;
      • Current bills (i.e. utility bills, PSE&G, Water, cell phone bill, credit card bills, bank statements; NJ Vehicle Registration; Valid NJ Driver’s License; etc.)

    Please call if you have any questions about Proof of Residency.

    3)  Student Information:

Age Requirement for Kindergarten

  • Children admitted to kindergarten must be five years of age on or before October 1 of the year they enter kindergarten. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Registration Contacts

  • Transfer Student Registration

    Office of Registration / Business Office
    1100 Brooks Boulevard, Manville, NJ  08835

    Secretary for Registration
    Jennifer Sanders

    Kindergarten First-Time Registration
    (Open Enrollment Febuary - August for upcoming school year)

    Weston Elementary School
    600 Newark Avenue, Manville, NJ  08835

    Tina Riga
    908-231-8500 x8548


District School Information

  • Weston Elementary (PK-2)
    600 Newark Avenue, Manville, NJ  08835

    Tina Riga
    908-231-8500 x8548

    Roosevelt Elementary (3-4)
    410 Brooks Boulevard, Manville, NJ  08835

    Jamie Chaya
    908-231-8500 x8613

    Alexander Batcho Intermediate (5-8)
    100 North 13th Avenue, Manville, NJ  08835

    Debbie Gregor
    908-231-8500 x8521

    Manville High (9-12)
    1100 Brooks Boulevard, Manville, NJ  08835

    Lynn Mitzkewich
    908-231-8500 x8506


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