Emergency Closing Information

  • Please review all "home" procedures with your child in the event of an emergency closing or early dismissal. It is the repsonsiblity of the parent/guardian to ensure that all emergency contact/pick-up information is updated and that childcare arrangements are in place.

    School Closings/Delayed Openings/Emergency Early Dismissals

    The following procedures will govern the unscheduled closing of school for the entire school day, the delayed opening of school, and the early closing of school. No single set of rules can anticipate the problems that may be encountered when schools must be closed.

    Emergency Calling Notification

    • Television and/or Radio Station:
      • NJ 101.5 FM
      • MAGIC 98.3 FM
      • WABC-TV
      • Channel 12 News
    • ManvilleSchools.org
    • ALERTNOW Emergency Calling System
    • Manville Police Department

    School Closing

    The decision to close schools is made in collaboration with the Borough of Manville and the Manville Police Department. This decision will be made as soon as practicable. As soon as the decision is made, the Superintendent will promptly:

    • Activate the ALERT NOW emergency calling system;
    • Contact television/radio systems identified above; and
    • Place an announcement on the district web site.

    Delayed Opening

    • When circumstances are such as to require the late opening of school, the school day will ordinarily be delayed by two hours. All beginning schedules will be in effect, modified only by the two-hour delay.
    • The decision to delay the opening of school will be made as soon as practicable.
    • Notice of the delayed opening will be given in accordance with the information identified above.
    • The Principal of each school will modify the school's schedule to accommodate the shorter day. Morning schedules may be cancelled. After-school and athletic events may be cancelled.
    • Lunch will be served as usual, but may be delayed.
    • Breakfast will not be served.

    Early Dismissal

    A decision to close school early will be promptly relayed to:

    • NJ 101.5 FM
    • ManvilleSchools.org
    • ALERTNOW Emergency Calling System
    • Manville Police Department
Last Modified on July 31, 2017