• About Us

    The MEF has awarded grants to the Manville School district in excess of $68,000.00 to date, with new grants awarded each spring. We also provide scholarships to the Manville HS seniors each June. Since 2004, we have awarded over $28,000.00 to MHS seniors.

    To be included on our mailing list or receive more information, please send us your name and address at babs3254@aol.com .

    Our Mission Statement

    We are dedicated to enhancing and enriching the educational opportunities and curriculum available to our students through Innovating Teaching and Scholarship Programs. Additionally, our mission includes fostering strong community support of education for the students of Manville.

    To Our Sponsors

    The Manville Education Foundation would like to thank all of our sponsors for their unselfish support towards creating a great educational environment for the Students of the Manville School District.