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    Health Requirements for School Entry

    • Each student must be examined upon entry into the school district. This examination must be done no more than 365 days prior to entry and must state what, if any, modifications are required for full participation in the program.
    • The examination must be done at the student’s medical home. This examination must be documented on a school district medical form as provided by the school nurse.
    • All Pre-K and Kindergarten students must have a physical examination done BEFORE starting school.
    • Immunizations are to be documented and complete as per Chapter 14 of the NJ State Sanitary Code.
    • The school nurse must review all physical exams and immunization records BEFORE the student enters school.

    PLEASE NOTE:  If immunizations are started BUT not completed, a provisional admittance form must be signed by the doctor stating the immunization will be completed by a determined date, set by the doctor BEFORE entering school.  Medical and religious exemptions are allowed as the law allows.

  • Physical Examination Requirement for New Students

    New Students are required to have a physical examination upon entry to the Manville School District.  This exam must be done no more that 365 days prior to entering school.

    In order to insure that the learning potential of each student is not diminished by a remediable physical disability, the student is able to participate in the school program, and that the school community is protected from the spread of communicable disease, The New Jersey State Board of Education and the new Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services require certain physical examinations.

    A healthcare provider chosen by the student’s parent/guardian, also referred to as the student’s “medical home”, must conduct the physical examination.  A full report must be presented to the school on the attached form, or on a form from the healthcare provider.  Please be sure that your healthcare provider signs, dates and stamps the form. 

    Immunization documents must be presented to the school prior to attendance.

    Mandated immunizations must be completed prior to entering kindergarten even if your child is not yet five years old.  The immunizations must be complete and written proof given to the school nurse before the first day of school, or your child will not be able to attend. 

    We recommend a dental examination for children entering kindergarten. 

    Please be sure to complete the student health history forms included in your enrollment packet.

    Please refer to the back of the Minimum Immunization form if you need assistance with obtaining a physical exam or required immunizations.  


Health Forms

  • Please take a moment to read the Welcome Letter from the Manville School District Nursing Team regarding Screenings, Immunizations, Physical Examinations, Sport's Physicals, Medication and Health History Updates.